Why Your Company Should Recycle Your Scrap

Pretty much everyone knows that recycling benefits the environment. Many construction companies and contractors don’t realize that saving the environment is not the only reason to consider metal recycling cerritos ca. No matter what the benefits to the environment are when it comes to saving space in the landfills for some companies it just doesn’t matter. If making a smaller carbon footprint isn’t a good enough reason for your company to recycle there are many more to consider.


There is a good chance that the construction material that your company is using already contains recycled metal. Not only is this material just as strong as material not made with recycled material but it is usually less expensive than the same material made from virgin ore. With more and more companies participating in recycling it drives the price down for everyone involved overall.

About 90% of construction and demolition waste can be recycled, not just metal. Materials like concrete, glass, plastic, fixtures, and asphalt can be recycled into new products a large portion of the time. While this process drives down price and helps to save the environment it also creates jobs in local industries like recycling plants and steel mills as well.

Reduces Disposal Costs

Those involved in construction and demolition are well aware of the cost. Although many aren’t aware that the waste is usually sorted through by the haulers and they make money off recycling the material that your business threw away. By working with a quality recycler of scrap metal your company can make money from what they were just planning on throwing away anyway. Throwing away these recyclables into a landfill is literally just throwing away your money.


Good Public Image

Companies are always trying to figure out ways to look better to the public and recycling is a great way to do just that. While recycling on a construction site used to be rather uncommon and more of a novelty than a good business practice, things have changed drastically over the past several years. While companies used to be able to tack on recycling services as an extra fee on the construction invoice, most clients automatically expect the services.

When it comes to government contracts, many agencies offer significant incentives to encourage their contractors to recycle their waste instead of sending it to a landfill. Many of today’s clients will not choose a demolition or construction company that doesn’t offer scrap recycling for their sites, they see them as out of touch with modern practices. If your company doesn’t recycle it could potentially lose your business contracts with potential customers who see recycling as an important business practice.

While saving and making money as a business is important, overall recycling scrap metal and other materials is a good step that your company can take to protect the environment. It improves how customers perceive your company and can help ensure that you get the contracts you are bidding for. The fact that it is helping to save the planet is just a big bonus.