Under Cabinet Lighting is not only Practical but Aesthetic as Well

The perks of kitchen remodeling are that it gives you the opportunity to add a whole new dimension of aesthetics. Kitchen lighting is one of the most crucial aspects that determine the convenience level of your kitchen. Not to mention, under cabinet lighting has a charisma of its own. It ensures that the light falls directly on the objects under it, allowing you to illuminate things according to your preference. Not only does it cast a unique appeal to your kitchen, but it also aids your focus in using a knife and a cutting board. There are a variety of light fixtures that are installed under cabinets. If you’re looking to add these aesthetics to your kitchen, you can use this comprehensive guide to inform you about some basic features to consider regarding the best under cabinet lighting.

Why Under Cabinet lighting is Useful?

Under cabinet lighting in conjunction with regular lighting is an additional source of illumination. It can provide a focused light-casting on the counter area where most cutting and splicing work takes place. It also highlights accessories and decor. If your cabinets are bulky they can cast shadows on the working area, affecting your ease in cooking and preparing food. With additional lighting directed in these areas, the problem can be resolved readily.

Design and ambiance are two factors of primary importance when it comes to improving the look of your kitchen. An adequate illumination not only serves the purpose of convenience but also adds visual space to your kitchen. Depending on the type of lighting used, your kitchen can appear more capacious and futuristic.

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Under Cabinet Lighting Features

Lighting options vary by color, brightness, energy efficiency, lifespan, and design. If you are focused on these features, consider these following aspects before deciding which ones to buy:


Under cabinet lighting is available in two voltage capacities: low and normal. With regards to low voltage lighting, there are a few advantages. A low voltage lighting would allow you to fit in many small fixtures if you’re experiencing space issues to accommodate larger fixtures. Low volt lighting also produces less heat.


When it comes to wiring you’ll have two basic options to choose from hard wire and plugin. With the former you’ll have to connect the lights directly to another wiring in the house, allowing power to be drawn through them. With the latter, you can draw power directly from the power outlet. So, a plugin would mean the lights will be hooked to a wall socket. The plug-in option is simple and less expensive than the hardware option. You can even get battery powered lighting, depending on whom/where you’re buying from.

Fixture Lenses

Fixture lenses are instrumental in casting a balanced light distribution. They can help avoid blinding reflections from bright surfaces.

Dim Lighting

Usually, a dim lighting option is recommended due to various reasons. Installing dimmers enables you to adjust the lighting according to a person’s visual needs. It also helps you save energy. Being able to switch to a low-intensity lighting can help alleviate a visually impaired person’s eyes from the glaring and vibrant light.

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting is known for its energy efficiency through which you can expect to use little as 5 watts without compromising on adequate illumination. LED lighting also produces little to no heat.

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Under Cabinet Lighting Professionals

Depending on your choice for under cabinet lighting fixtures or bulbs, you may require a professional service to install under cabinet lighting Stafford VA. Whenever you consider hiring someone for this task, ensure the company is licensed and offers skilled technicians to perform their best.

A quick search for professional cabinet lighting installers will bring up reputable companies offering their brand of services with extensive experience in the field. With great advances made in this field of technology, you have plenty of options to choose from but having it done through a trustworthy source can make all the difference there is to your remodeling plans.