The Good and Bad of Auto Loans

Auto loans are a great tool in today’s modern society, they allow ordinary people to buy cars that would otherwise be way out of their price range had they needed to come up with the cash to pay for it beforehand. At the same time though there are definitely some important things to keep in mind with an auto loan, as eventually, you will need to pay them back. Let’s look at some of both of the good and bad aspects of auto loans.
First off, auto loans can be a huge asset to millions of people, because they allow normal people to do something that they likely wouldn’t be able to in the first place, own a nice car. Auto loans fill a very important segment of the consumer market because they do something that can usually only be solved by individuals increased salary, they give significantly more purchasing power to the consumer. Auto loans have become something that is so popular in modern America that 107 million people have automobile financing loans, a record high.

As great as automobile loans can be for increasing a person’s purchasing power, they don’t come without their drawbacks. By far the biggest drawback to an auto loan is that they are not free, just like any other loan the financial company that is issuing the loan is going to tack on interest to it. Often times the interest associated with an auto loan is fairly reasonable in comparison with other loans in the financial industry, but for those out there with bad credit, bad credit auto loans could potentially add thousands onto the price of their vehicle, that is if they can even qualify for a loan at all. Another important fact to keep in mind with regards to the interest of the loan is how long the term of the loan is for, a four-year loan may only add a hundred dollars or so to the price of the car where as a seven-year loan may add well over a thousand dollars to the price of the car.

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In conclusion, although auto loans are not perfect for the average person, and sometimes can be very expensive for those with bad credit, they do add valuable purchasing power, which allows normal people to buy cars that would otherwise be significantly out of their price range. Auto loans have helped countless Americans afford cars, not even just nice brand-new cars, but also low priced used cars, and with many loans offering zero down or low-down payments, that is for people with good credit, for some people they are not only just a good option but also the only option. Regardless of how you feel about automobile loans, with the average sticker price of a new car clocking in at over 38,000 dollars, it’s no wonder that people need to take out a loan for a car, considering that a majority of cars are sold for around the price of an entry level, all electric Telsa Model 3 car.