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Treatments Offered in a Drug Rehab Center

Drug rehab centers are offering different treatment programs and most of these treatments start with detoxification and from there, they see if there is progress or none. Some can be given prescription medication to assist patients as they are going through other types of treatment which includes behavioral and counseling therapy.

The treatment offered in a drug rehab facility depends mostly on the kind of training that the personnel has, the center itself and the facilities that it has to offer. When it comes to drug addicted patients, there isn’t a one-size fits all solution that can be recommended. The treatment that these people will receive isn’t based on the drugs they’re addicted to rather, on the needs and capacity of the patient.

Like what’s mentioned before, detoxification is the initial step in patient’s rehabilitation where they will be detoxified of the toxins caused by the substance. During detox, it’s expected that there is going to be a stage of withdrawal among patients from what they’re addicted to and this is a very unpleasant experience which in some cases, can be fatal.

Patients are closely monitored when they are going through detoxification and may even be prescribed with medicines to help them get through the roughest part of their rehab. Detoxification may take for around 3 weeks at least but there are cases that it is extended depending on how the patient is reacting to the treatment.

And when the detoxification is through, a formal assessment will be carried out by the drug rehab center. The assessment consists of recommendations regarding other treatments that are needed. Mostly, substance abuse will be requiring to treat the physical and psychological illnesses and symptoms of the patients. Not only the fact that the substance that the patient was addicted to can be eradicated, if drugs are used to deal with the symptoms, then there is a great chance that they might also suffer from psychological disorder which additionally must be treated too. This is extremely important if the probabilities of relapse want to be minimized.

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Basically, individual counseling and group therapy can play a role in rehabilitating patients. These approaches are very useful in dealing with psychological illnesses. One form of counseling that is mostly offered in drug rehab centers is called behavioral therapy. Those who are addicted might have cultivated a habit of taking drugs in certain time or setting of a day. The aim of behavioral therapy is to break these habits among patients by showing them that they can free themselves from such and that they can function properly without these drugs.

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