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Rockstars, Ninjas, and Other Self-Hyping Pinheads You Should Avoid

Well, it’s official. Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media websites are now home to more successful online marketers than any where else in the universe. It is mind boggling the number of people who are not even close to having a few struggles with their online businesses! Every post or tweet that comes through my feed is nothing but info on how so-and-so just keeps on “rocking” their business. Or how they just found yet another “holy grail” of free website traffic that is absolutely “killing” the competition! Not only are they the best kept secret (ninja) in the marketing world, but they also feel the need to post this crap two, three, sometimes FOUR times a day! If they are ‘soooo killing it’ with their business and signing up all these new clients and customers, how is it they find all this time to endlessly post and tweet about how great they are? Let me tell you something; they’re not.
Look, I’ve been in this business for sometime now, and I know all about the “fake it till you make it” mindset. But this constant ‘look at me and how successful I am’ bullshit is reaching epic proportions. I know who some of the true top earners in this industry are and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I monitor their post and feeds from time to time. Partly to see if they are offering something of value ( they usually are) and to see how often they post ( not nearly the amount some of these other dickheads do). The question is ‘why’. Why are they not boasting and thumping their chests about how great and successful they are? You know why? Because they are too busy talking to clients an team members! Because they are too busy making money! Because they are actually focusing on their business and doing the two thing that makes an online business successful; placing ads and following up with leads! That’s it! Making sales and getting sign ups! This is what I’m usually doing so I have greatly reduced my posting to these sites.
Don’t get me wrong. Social media sites can be a great and effective marketing tool. It does take time to make some lasting relationships and to have a following that converts to sales. And really, the thing about online businesses is that the one thing they all have in common is sales. Do not kid yourself. If you have an online business your goal is sales. It’s how you make money. I do not care how many valuable posts you make, without honest to goodness advertising and lead generation strategies, you ain’t making squat! No ads, no sales, does not matter how successful you say you are, truth is you are not. And the people that are the target of these overly boastful posts, the kind of people you want, the person who is truly dedicated to having a successful online business, is going to see right through that garbage and look somewhere else.
So please, if you are looking to get involved in a home based online business, do not be pulled into the hype. Do your homework. Check out who is making these overblown tweets and posts. Do they have any online presence at all? Do they have a history of offering value? If it’s just a bunch garbage, your B.S. meter should go off and you should keep on looking. If you are one of these people making these outlandish posts, STOP IT! You look like a IDIOT!
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