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Making Better Use of Excess Diabetics Test Strips

A diabetic has to constantly monitor their progress health-wise. This calls for them to always have their test kits nearby. There will thus get many test strips for their use, and after picking out their favorite, they will have no use for the rest. Those tend to go to waste. These test strips have short shelf lives. There is thus a huge loss when you think of the number of people with diabetes all over the world. There is always the discarding of properly functioning strips since they are not needed.

Test strips do not come cheap. There is a large population of people with diabetes who struggle to make ends meet. They struggle to get enough for their use. This is why some organizations have taken it upon themselves to avail these strips for cheap. They will present an offer to those how to have plenty of intact test strips to sell them to them, and avoid having to throw them away.

It is usually common for people with diabetes to store extra boxes of these strips in case they are not in supply. But as time goes, they find they have in excess. There are those who are supplied plenty regularly. The need for so many strips also tend to go down with time. Some change the type of strip they use. You could also have needed the strips but only for a while, such as during pregnancy, which is now over. All these scenarios yield many boxes of strips not in use. You could use these boxes to make a difference in someone else’s life. You may also make money from them.

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You are not prevented from selling the strips if you wish to do so. Purchasing these strips has no restrictions. Since they are yours, selling them too comes with no restrictions. It does not matter if the manufacturer wrote the words not for resale on them. Those you may sell, but locally. The only restriction to a sale would be damaged, opened, broken packaging. You also cannot sell those that already expired.

There is a lot to be shared when you sell to the organizations that will then give them out for free or at a subsidized rate. Some of these organizations offer these strips to those who are less fortunate. This calls for you to search for an ideal reseller. If you stick to one reseller for long, you will get to enjoy even better rates form them. You need to deal with an honest party, who not delay with the payments for the supplied strips. You also need to discuss their shipping charges, and which party will foot the bill.

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