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Many single men tend to take for granted that when they text a lonely girl she would love to hear sexy and offensive language while in fact the single girl might be more interested to know what one noticed in the first place about her so that one got interested in texting her. For ensuring that the text messages are not offending it is wise for single men to think first what he wants from the woman he texting so s to get a positive response from her. It is possible to get a woman one desires by trying to find out is she has the ideologies, dreams and other attributes which a single man wants to have in his life.

It is recommended that single men should write easy texts and tend not to ask stupid or personal questions so as to receive positive and responses from the woman. Single men should never attempt to write offensive of boring texts because they might put off a woman instead of luring her to the ma’s side. It is vital for any single men who seeks to text a woman to know the right kinds of questions to ask in a text because many women are very sensitive and passionate about their private lives.

Every time a single man texts a single, he should first ask himself what the value it adds and brings to her everyday life and if the text merely puts a smile on her face then you are on the right track and thus instead of texting something like Hello what’s up? Text something like, I know you are probably thinking about me, and so can we text each other as well. Most women get confused when they get a strange text from a single man and thus see the need to wait before replying so as to think about what was texted.

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Many single men ruin a perfect good chance of winning a woman’s heart but getting needy and over-eager with the way they text.When you intend to flirt with woman you must remember that whatever was fun during the kindergarten days can become fun again and this is true with flirting over the text. Texting can be fun to begin with especially if both the woman and the one texting has found a rapport with each other and is intending to move further with the conversation and as well as the relationship.

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