How To Use An Angry Asteroid In Your Small Business Marketing

How To Use An Angry Asteroid In Your Small Business Marketing

If you own and operate a small business, and would like a marketing campaign that is sure to grab attention and drive new customers through your doors, then give this article a read.

It’s different.

It’s outside the box.

But you’ll see how an angry asteroid named YU 55 can grow your business.

Small Business Marketing and Angry Asteroid:

She is 1300 feet wide.

She travels at 29,000 miles per hour.

And at 6:28 pm today she’ll come within inches (in space talk) of destroying life on Earth as we know it.

Say what?

Yeah. Have you heard? There is an asteroid named 2005 YU 55 and this gal is hell bent on taking a chunk out of mother Earth.

Holy shiz-moly.

This makes me scared… excited… and captivated all wrapped into one emotion. Like one minute life is humming along. And the next, there’s talk of YU 55 taking me out.


My point?

This is YOUR opportunity to promote your small business.

How so?

As I’ve said a ka-zillion times… you gotta jump on these “events” like white on a wall. They happen every month. And you can cleverly use them to promote your small business.


Put it in your client newsletter.

Hang a YU55 sign in your biz.

Send a press release letting your local media know about your YU 55 sales event.

Maybe something like:

You’ll Get 55% OFF Everything in The Store At 6:28 PM Thanks To Asteroid 2005 YU 55!

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That’s not perfect.

And maybe you don’t want to discount your what-cha-ma-call-it by 55%.

I get that. But hopefully you don’t miss my point which is that this asteroid is a smart small business marketing strategy you can use to put some new faces in your store.

Want to know what else this does aside from ringing your register? It makes your business fun. It sets you apart from your competition. It gets people talking about you.

And that’s the perfect spot to be.

You want folks saying, “I wonder what in the heck she’s going to do next? I can’t wait to see what the special of the month will be?”


Because capturing your prospect’s attention is like trying to count sand on a beach. It’s darn difficult because everyone is infected with chronic ADD.

So here’s your opportunity.

And she’s served up as a giant asteroid named YU55.