How to Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

How to Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

You can start one of the smallest carpet cleaning businesses, and grow it into one the biggest carpet cleaning businesses nationwide! There is no limit to what you could do, working for yourself, and having others clean the carpets for you, after you first do it yourself. There are several types of carpet cleaning systems out there, you can use. Portable and mounted are the most typical types of carpet cleaners. Also, hot and cold, steam cleaning.

You can start with a small janitorial size, carpet cleaning machine that you can load, right into your truck, van, or even car, and start cleaning carpets right away. If you want to learn some carpet cleaning basics, before you go it alone, you could easily get a job with a carpet cleaning company, and work there for a couple of weeks, cleaning carpets, and learning some trade secrets you can put into your own business later.

You should have nice signs on your vehicle, to let people know how to get a hold of you for more business. When you’re at a job for a couple of hours, your auto will be outside advertising for you, since the neighbors will know your customers carpet, and their neighbors carpet, is being cleaned, they just might call you, since they have already seen you once before in the neighborhood.

You can target apartment complexes, condominium projects, mobile home parks, and more. By putting up fliers in all the laundry rooms, since they usually have a lot of people come and go and have time to read the bulletin boards while they are there. Lots of people expect to get their rental deposit money back from landlords, and want to turn their place in as clean as they got it, and usually need to clean the carpets too. Other people don’t even want to clean before they move out, or they could have even of been evicted, or just moved out in the middle of the night. That is where you target the apartment managers, for your repeat business. Send them a flier saying you clean carpet, and you will give them a discount if they give you them on a regular basis.

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Later you can get bigger, more powerful machines that you only need to bring the hose inside. Later, as you grown your business, you can train others to clean the carpets, and you can spend more of your time advertising for more carpet cleaning customers and make your business even bigger.