Home Insurance for Wonder Walls

Home Insurance for Wonder Walls

Whilst beautiful, hand crafted designs can be shockingly expensive, you needn’t cover the whole room. Wallpapering one small wall or even just the chimney breast, can be equally effective and is comparatively cheap.

Not all home insurance policies offer to cover for the damage of interior decoration, so whilst looking for an affordable home insurance policy make sure it includes your most prized possessions – including expensive wallpaper if necessary.

The wallpaper craze shows no signs of abating, and if you’re thinking of getting in on the action, now is the time. Whether you like flouncy, floral styles, bold retro prints or fun humorous designs, there is something to suit every taste.

However, be wary of buying the latest fashionable print. Interior design trends change almost as quickly as clothing trends do, but unlike a pair of lam trousers, wallpaper is extremely difficult to take off. Just look at avocado bath suites! 56% of people think that they’re the epitome of “naff,” but 800,000 of us are still stuck with them.

It’s best to think of wallpaper as a tattoo rather than an outfit: Will you still love it in five years? Ten? It may sound obvious but, as avocado bath suites prove, when it comes to interior design, mistakes are easy to make and hard to forget.

Classic designs rarely go out of favour. There is a wide range of styles available that take their inspiration from older wallpaper prints, for example, those done by William Morris during the arts and crafts movement. These classic patterns tend to take their inspiration from the natural world, often depicting intricately woven flowers, plants and birds.

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Some companies reproduce wallpaper from printing blocks that are hundreds of years old. Hand printing means that each roll has a unique finish and handcrafted feel. Producing these designs requires specialist skill and the resulting papers are like works of art in themselves. As one might expect, this level of craftsmanship is reflected in the price.

As high quality wallpaper is expensive, you’ll be concerned about it getting damaged. Anything from an overflowing bath upstairs to a poorly placed candle can damage your home decor, but reputable home insurance can offer you (and your feature wall) financial protection, come hell or high water. In addition, if you choose a print that you truly love, it will be well worth the investment. You may even feel like you have a brilliant work of art in your own home.