Have You Had Your Rugs Dusted?

Have You Had Your Rugs Dusted?

A study by Eureka claimed that an oriental rug could hold up to 87lbs of dirt. So when was the last time you cleaned your oriental rugs? I would recommend an annual cleaning for all your fine rugs, more often for rugs in active rooms. Rugs should be cleaned at a cleaners location rather than in the home. Oriental rugs require a certain amount of care that is better accomplished in the cleaners facility rather than in the home.

Proper rug cleaning involves the thorough removal of dry soil first. Rug dusters are one of the best ways to facilitate dry soil removal. A rug is laid face down on top of a metal grate. Then the backing is gently agitated so the dry soil can drop down onto the floor below the metal grate, away from the rug. Then a thorough vacuuming of both sides of the rug should occur.

All rugs cannot be cleaned the same way. The rugs need to be evaluated individually for many things including color fastness. Some rugs can bleed if over wet. Tests can be run on rugs before the cleaning. These tests can help determine the color fastness of the rug. Fringes need to be worked on by hand. Fringes may require additional care after the cleaning has been completed and the rug has dried. An area with controlled drying with proper dehumidification is preferable.

Proper cleaning includes rinsing. Some companies advertise dry cleaning. How can a rug be rinsed with a dry method? Would you want your clothes laundered or dry cleaned after you had gone to the gym and worked out in them? Or might you want your clothes rinsed first before wearing them again at the gym. You have spent the last year walking on your rug, maybe two, could it be 3 years, or more? You need a cleaning with a healthy rinse. Wool can be rinsed. Remember sheep are allowed to be outside in the rain.

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The post inspection of the rug after cleaning is critical. A finishing procedure to soften the rug can make all the difference in how a rug feels to the hand. Before you hire someone to clean your fine, expensive oriental rugs, ask a few questions. How long the company has been in business. How often do they clean oriental rugs, every once in a while or on a weekly basis. Hire an experienced company to clean your oriental rugs.