Feather Flags Spice Up Business While Offering Ease of Use

For many realtors their biggest chore is the set up and take down of advertisement signs. Many of them are bulky, awkward, heavy, and sit too low on the ground. Many a time a real estate agent has been spotted on the side of the road, preparing for an open house, frustratingly struggling to set up signage that does not even catch the eye. This is why many realtors are turning to feather flags.

Feather flags are tall banner like vertical signs that gain their name for their feather like appearance and the way they flap in the wind. Most of them are constructed out of nylon and are attached to a curved plastic rod. The banner sits vertical to the ground and can have printed on one or both sides. They are very attractive, eye catching, and most importantly are extremely easy to set up and take down.


A significant advantage feather signs offer is their size. Older real estate signs always sat very low to the ground, easy for passerby to overlook. Feather signs can be seven to eleven feet tall, high enough to be spotted down the block. The motion created when the wind blows through grabs attention, and they are designed in bright vibrant colors. Advertisements need to catch the eye and feather flags do that.

Ease of Use

Any type of pole flag is going to be very accommodating for transport and storage. They are lightweight and can fold. No part of a feather flag is bulky. They can be attached to a stand or staked into the ground, allowing for placement in any terrain. They are great for any business that requires quick set up and take down. They prepare for an open house much easier, and also guarantee a better turnout. They are also very durable which makes them an ideal investment.

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Feather signs are very cheap. Numerous companies have various feather flags for sale. Single-sided signs are cheaper than double-sided, but both variations run at a lower scot than traditional signs made from wood. The materials used to make feather flags are very cost effective and can fit comfortably in any budget. Everything fro the nylon mto the dye represents an affordable medium. Honestly choice in flag is not made based on price, but on style as different companies have different designs.


Feather flags are made of double strength nylon. Their light weight makes them resistant to wind, and the dye used in printing does not fade in the sun. Each flag comes with its own kit, and they are easy to put together. They can be left out for extended periods of time without fear of damage.

Feather signs are a great investment that not only entices consumers but offers cost effective solutions for businesses. They are a dream of realtors who constantly must put advertisements up. They also carry a powerful reputation of boosting business by 50%. It makes them a risk every business must take.