Cleaning Tips To Prevent Pests In The Home

When it comes to the control of domestic pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs, cleaning is your best friend. Like any living being, these bugs look for food and settle wherever they find it. If there is no food for them in your house, there is much less temptation for them, and it is more likely that they will look for it elsewhere.
With the high temperatures, it is almost impossible not come home with flies or some ants and, of course, mosquitoes when the night comes. However, this should end here, because if you have too many visitors the pests could mean something very bad. Some tips to avoid pests in the home are listed below.

Summer Pests: prevention is better than cure

Although a plague can be suffered at any time of the year (especially those of some insects that have little or nothing to do with this season), the truth is that during the hot months is when more cases occur. Therefore, it is essential to avoid pests with some useful prevention tips.

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and bedbugs are known as the most common pests. They are followed by the black fly, the ant, the wasp in ponds and pools and the rat in sewers and open spaces near population centers.

How do you remedy this invasion? Very easy. Let’s see some tips to avoid pests in the home.

• Do not let garbage accumulate. Use small bags that fill quickly and take them out often.
• Use garbage cans with a lid so that no odors attract animals.
• Seal any crack, gasket or inlet hole. The most common occurrence is in the outlets of the toilets, the extractor hood and near any drain.
• Cover the drains when they are not used.
• Do not let water stagnate. For example, if there is any remainder clogging the sink and the water does not pass or putting small water troughs for the animals and changing the water several times a day.
• Clean cupboards and other places where you can accumulate leftovers of food, such as flour, coffee, oil or sugar.
• Keep the garden maintenance up to date.
• Clean tables, countertops and other surfaces where food remains may remain.
• Save the animal feeders at night.
• Of course, do not leave traces of food out of the trash (empty soda cans, yogurt cups, fruit bones … with the aim of throwing them away in the morning.
• Ventilate the home often, without forgetting any stay.
• Avoid dark areas as much as possible.
• Do not stack wood, let alone protect it with plastic.
• Place mosquito nets or thread curtains in galleries and kitchen windows.

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What if it’s too late?

If unfortunately, you notice that there is already a plague settled in your home the best thing you can do is get a bed bug exterminator in Chicago, IL. It is the only way to get rid of rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs and others safely and with guarantees.

Of course, after that you have to start following the tips that have been mentioned without exception; otherwise, you will have visitors again.