Choosing a Drain System for your commercial projects?

 If the answer is yes, then here are some important drain system solutions and options to consider before choosing an important drainage system.

When it comes to choosing the right drain system option for your commercial or residential project, there are many things to keep in mind. From catch basins and utility ducts, to shower drains and pool deck drains, one can find the process of picking the right drainage solution a bit overwhelming at overwhelming. However, there is a list of options available to assist with making the right choice. Whether you are implementing a pre-fabricated catch basin for a small project or installing a fully functional aco trench drain system used on a large commercial project, it is wise to have all the necessary information to get a project done right.

Catch Basins

When considering a catch basin option, there are many choices available to consider for your small or large projects. And according to a blog about catch basins, these basins are designed to work in conjunction with a storm drain or sewer system that traps debris so that debris does not enter any drainage pipes. There are many catch basin options that are available like PointDrain, Polymer Concrete Sumps, Polymer Concrete Catch Basins, and Fiberglass Catch Basins.

PointDrains are great for small sized applications used on residential projects, where there are no issues with complex ground slopes. Polymer Concrete Sumps are used in conjunction with a stand-alone unit or a trench drain system. Polymer Concrete Catch Basins, or a series 600 multi-part polymer concrete catch basin, can work well with PowerDrain (S100K), ChemDrain, and also KlassikDrain. Filter bags and risers can be used with polymer concrete catch basins. Fiberglass Catch Basins can come in many different frames and grates. Channel collars and pipe adapters can be used with fiberglass catch basins. Trash buckets are also an option for choosing these basins.

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Slot Drains

According to, slot drains are positioned linearly and are used to evacuate groundwater. A slot drain does not have any type of grating, unlike a traditional trench drain. Slot drains can be considered as an option for these locales: Airports, gas stations, highways, motor racing circuits, docks & ports, military bases, and truck stops.

There are many slot drain options to choose from: The Q-Max 365, Q-Max 465, and Q-Max 600. All three of these commercial slot drains have been designed to meet the high demand for a pliant, yet high capacity drainage system. The three sizes can ensure better flexibility for designers and engineers for optimization.

Commercial Trench Drains

Some of the trench drain options that are available include KlassikDrain, FlowDrain, PowerDrain, SlabDrain, ChemDrain, Brickslot, and Highway Drain. With this many options to choose from, there is likely to be one that fits the job.

There are also Pool Deck Drains, Residential Trench Drains, Shower Drains, and Utility Ducts to choose from. By having all the correct information available and a thorough list of options for all your drainage project needs, it will be smooth sailing, because of those easy, no fuss draining systems in place.