Cheaper Health Insurance – Cash Payments at the Doctor Are an Alternative to Save You Money

Cheaper Health Insurance – Cash Payments at the Doctor Are an Alternative to Save You Money

With the Obama health bill recently passing through congress people are waking up and realising just how much of a problem health care is in the country. Finding cheap health insurance is a big problem and paying for it is an even bigger problem, so what can you do?

Every year the cost of health insurance goes up by between 10% and even up to 25% or more sometimes. The fact is even with the new health bill there are some things people do not realise. You still have got to get health insurance yourself and if you don’t you risk even more problems.

It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. If you cannot afford your health cover now how are you going to pay for it in the future

It is a fact that those people without health cover are not going to go to the doctor, even if you are seriously ill you do not want to spend money you have not got and regular check ups just never happen.

The consequence of this is that you leave yourself open to suffering life threatening illness because you cannot find cheap health insurance. What can you do?

If you have to go to the ER it is even worse. Hospitals may not turn you away but when you get home there will be a big bill waiting for you and the next step if you do not pay it is the debt collectors who will make you ill again from stress.

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One answer is cash only cover. You may well be thinking if you cannot pay for your insurance how are you going to pay cash for your treatment?

The answer is that many doctors who now operate like this arrange their own medical insurance plans and bypass big insurance companies who argue over every single cent for treatment in order to increase their own profit margins.

The end result is that the doctors make a profit and the patients get treated. If you are a patient in a system like this you find it works like a co-pay insurance plan and you have choices of cover just like with standard insurance.

Over 43 million Americans and counting have no health insurance and want to find cheap health insurance. If you are one of them you will have to get health cover over the next few years and the sooner you get it the better it will be. You can do so without emptying you wallet and the easiest way to do so is to get on the internet and find a plan that suits your budget, instead of putting your health and your family’s health at risk.