Brief History of the Old Shampooing of Carpets

Brief History of the Old Shampooing of Carpets

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Shampooing was one of the first systems introduced to the carpet cleaning world, and one that was extremely common until the seventies. Actually its not too much unlike buying a bottle a head and shoulders shampoo from your local Walmart department store. Anyone who has ever rented or bought a carpet cleaning machine for their home is probably familiar with this system. Just like the name suggests, shampooing applies and lathers carpet shampoo to your floor to clean the dirt and grime. Originally, these shampoos were made from coconut oil soaps. But, since there was not a rinse cycle that would remove the shampoo completely, this often left the lather on the carpet which then attracted the dirt and grime. Many people began to think that their carpets got dirtier faster after a cleaning with a shampoo.

The simple fact is the ancient formulas used in the shampooing process called for ingredients that left large amounts of residue and the residue (which was very stick) did attract dirt from the bottoms of peoples shoes or feet. Although small rugs were placed on both sides of the doors going in and out of homes this only corrected a small portion of the problem. In the end the sticky residue was winning the battle most of the time and carpets were having to be replaced much too quickly.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and sure enough The Carpet and Rug Cleaning Industry leaders soon fixed this problem, however, by changing the formula of the shampoo. The synthetic formula of the new shampoos allows it to dry to a powder with the dirt still attached. Then, the customer can just vacuum up this powder the day after cleaning, throwing away all the dirt and grime, as well as the powdered cleaning solution, into the garbage. This is a huge improvement to the earlier systems, allowing the shampooing system of carpet cleaning to continue to this day.

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The good news for consumers is with companies like “Google” and “Yahoo” its pretty simple to do a search and find a local carpet cleaner that suits you specific need. So whether you want to incorporate the encapsulating method such as “shampooing” or go with a more modern mainstream approach like “steam cleaning” there is probably several companies within your local yellow pages that do one of these services or maybe even both.