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The Advantages Associated with using the Male and Female Whizzinator

We can first know what the whizzinator is. It is an artificial urine device that is used when people want to have negative results in the drug tests if you are an athlete or you are suspected to be using hard illegal drugs. The whizzinator does this by passing out synthetic urine that has the composition of a normal human being. Using this device has some advantages that the users enjoy and they are discussed below.

When you use the whizzinator, you will enjoy the benefit of not being able to be detected when using it. It is not easy to detect the whizzinator because it comes with straps that you can tie around your waist and your thighs that will prevent it from being out of position and making you look abnormal and it will also fit perfectly into your pants. The female whizzinator is also made to perfection. It can be held on to the skin and it will also not be detectable. The other reason why it is hard to know if a person is using this is because the device has a low noise frequency and no one will be able to hear it when passing out the synthetic urine.

One of the things that the medical examiners use to detect if you have given out synthetic urine for a test is the temperature that the urine contains. Fresh urine is almost at the same temperature as the temperature of the human body. From this we get the other benefit of using the whizzinator in that it has the ability to give out urine that has the temperature like that of fresh urine. The whizzinator contains some heating pads that are responsible for the heating of the urine to give out urine that will not arouse suspicion by the medical examiner.

The next advantage that is associated with the use of the whizzinator is the ability and the ease to use it by anybody. If you getting a drug test based on the urine, you will not want anyone to learn that you are faking. The whizzinator, therefore, needs to be simple to use and with this, the straps are easy to fasten on to your body and the whole process will be in about 2 minutes. It comes with a manual that will be of assistance to you when you need to clean it and wear it.

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