4 Steps to Successful Professional Cleaning

4 Steps to Successful Professional Cleaning

Looking on Google for London-based carpet cleaning companies, I found the results to be endless. There are literally hundreds of companies competing for your cleaning business. Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning companies like I was, or for a popular service like end of tenancy cleaning, selecting the right cleaning company can be a difficult task. Asking around about professional cleaners, I found these four things to be the deal breakers when it comes to finding the right people for the job.

1. PricePrices I found from carpet cleaning companies working in London were hugely varied. Some companies were twice or even three times as expensive as others, but when I asked the operators about their cleaning methods, they all sounded very similar. Most are working with high-quality steam cleaning equipment but couldn’t say much about why they were so much cheaper or more expensive than their competitors. Shop around and ask for formal quotations if you plan to spend a considerable amount of money on your cleaning.

2. QualityMost end of tenancy cleaning professionals publish photos results and customer testimonials of their work. For end of tenancy cleaning, be clear about your expectations or those of your landlord and be sure that the company is willing and able to meet these requirements.

3. ConvenienceHaving considered the price and quality of the cleaning, it comes down to convenience. The company I hired to clean my carpets was at the cheaper end of the price spectrum and gave me specific information about cleaning methods and typical results. They were able to come the next evening after I got home from work, something which other carpet cleaning companies with stricter hours weren`t willing to do. I got a good deal with great results at a time convenient for me.

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4. GuaranteeWhile carpet cleaning results are difficult to guarantee, this is another aspect of choosing the right company, especially for end of tenancy cleaning London or one-off cleaning work. Several companies I found offered a full guarantee on the work they did, offering to come back free of charge to clean anything their customers might not be satisfied with. While this is generally unnecessary with professional cleaners, it certainly offers some welcome peace of mind, knowing that you won`t be left in the lurch.

If you are considering professional cleaning, ask around and do a thorough search of what is available on the web before you make a decision. Like me, you’ll likely end up with better results at a more reasonable price than if you go with the first thing you find.