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How My Dog Helps Me in Business

How My Dog Helps Me in Business

My dog Casino was found wandering a gravel road on an Indian Reservation when he was under 2 months old.

He was malnourished, had a skin disease, and had been kicked in the mouth.

Luckily, Misty Creek Dog Rescue was driving by after collecting another 20 puppies from a certain death on the reserve.

They healed him.

Fed him.

Fattened him.

named him Casino, a name they were saving for the right dog.

This little husky mix was that one.

We adopted him when he was 4 months old and have loved every minute of having him since. That was almost 2 years ago. My 9 year old twin daughters love having a dog and have a blast with him in the yard and at the off-lease dog park.

I even have pictures of them dressing him up (we promised not to share with his dog park buddies).

We actually finally made the decision to adopt after having our house broken into 2 years ago, while we slept.

It was a stomach-wrenching realization waking up and knowing someone had been in the house while we all slept. I always thought I would wake up if it happened (as does everyone), but I didn’t hear a thing.

Anyhow, the breaking scared my girls and a dog was soon to follow.

One of the biggest changes that I feel happened has a direct impact on my business.

there is a solid lesson in here for you.

My original mentor, the master Ad Writer, Ted Nicholas, once said to me that “walking is the unsung hero of exercise”.

Coming from a guy of his ‘experience’, and the fact that he is still very youthful and full of vitality, I listened.

fact, I used Casino as my excuse to get out there more consistently walking.

You know what?

Going for a fast-paced 30 minute walk every morning is a FINE way to start your day. I walk fast, so every morning I get a good sweat going before tackling anything else.

Me and Casino cruise the neighborhood, stop by the offleash area, and then walk back home to pick up my daughters so we can walk them to school.

It gets me lots of fresh air, some sun, and hours a week of exercise (besides my 3-4 hrs a week in the Tae Kwon Do Dojang).

Here is my point to you…

there is any possible way you can start your day with a walk – DO IT!

Even better…

…start writing the SECOND you get back from your walk. Well, maybe grab some water and a banana first.

It is one of the best ways to start your day.

You will find your mind refreshed, excited, full of oxygen, and ready for a powerful day.

Most of the days I am out walking, I am also listening to audios with experts or audio books.

So I am also getting a priceless education!

In the average 1 month span (probably more like 1 week, to be honest) I learn more PRACTICAL tools for growing a business than I did in my 5 years in Business School (Bachelor of Commerce Degree).

You don’t need a dog like Casino to get the benefits I have seen.

All you need is some initiative and commitment.…

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Carpet Cleaning Methods – Which One Must You Choose

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Which One Must You Choose

You recently noticed that your carpets are stained in many places and in spite of regular vacuuming, there is also a lot of dust that has got accumulated. It is very important to keep your carpets clean at all times or it may harbor dust mites, tiny insects or allergens which can make you and your children unhealthy. Also, the sight of stained carpets and rugs are displeasing to the eye. There are so many carpet cleaning methods available these days and how do you know which one is the best for you.

Dry Cleaning

There are specialized dry cleaning systems and machines now available for cleaning your carpets and beautify them. This method is very useful if you want the carpets to be cleaned and dried rapidly in very less time. ‘Very low moisture’ or VLM techniques are applied to clean out the carpets by this method.

For stain removal, a pretreatment procedure is done using a chemical or detergent or emulsifier which is applied to the soiled area and left for less than fifteen minutes. Then the dry cleaning system is applied which uses high agitation to remove the stains or soil particles that have got embedded between the carpet fibers.

This method is best used for offices, buildings or homes which have wall to wall carpeting for an extensive area. The technique is quick and rapid and the carpets are dry for use within twenty four hours. Though slightly more expensive, this cleaning method requires very less labor when compared to others.

Wet Cleaning

This is also a routinely employed method though not as desirable as dry cleaning as the drying time is high and there is the constant worry of odor and formation of fungi and molds while the drying process is under way. Pre treatment procedures have to be employed here also for removal of stains, soil particles and dust but the application time of the detergent or chemical has to be much longer as the rate of agitation in a wet cleaning system is much lower.

The two common methods that fall under this category is the steam cleaning and shampoo method. The former carpet cleaning technique makes use of a pressurized automatic machine for hot water extraction using dry detergents and crystals to remove dirt and stains. Shampooing of the carpets is done using a rotary machine and was the preferred way to cleans carpets till the advent of dry cleaning techniques. The disadvantage of using this method is that the shampoo leaves behind powder residues which can attract dirt and hence you will end up vacuuming your carpet the very next day after cleaning.

Household cleaning techniques

Though less effective than the others, there are certain house hold techniques that can be employed for carpet cleaning to maintain them beautiful and free of stains and dust in the long run. One such method is regular vacuuming which can be of great help in drawing out dust particles and soil that get embedded on the outer layers of the carpet.

There are many stain removal detergents and powders available in the market which can also be used. Make sure that you use it only on a small area at first. Apply the solution or chemical and then leave it to act followed by which you can use a hand held brush to clean out the stain or dirt.

Keeping your carpets clean can be a daunting task but this is necessary to make your home look beautiful and neat.…

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Estimating What Your Carpet Cleaning Price Will Be

Estimating What Your Carpet Cleaning Price Will Be

With a lot of people, carpet cleaning is all about price. Some can afford to have professionals come out and clean their carpets every few months, while others will look for less expensive alternatives. If you’re in this boat, you probably would like to know what the prices of the different alternatives are. What will it cost to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, how much does purchasing a carpet machine cost, and what will you have to pay to rent a Rug Doctor? This article is going to answer some of these questions for you so that you know the carpet cleaning price you should be paying.

There are a lot of professional carpet cleaning companies, and they all are competing for your business. The trick is find the one that’s going to do the best job for the fairest price. You probably don’t want to hire the guy down the street who will come out and use his Rug Doctor on your carpet, because while those machines are doing a better job than ever before, they still aren’t going to deep clean the way a steam cleaning service will. If you look at the Stanley Steemer website, you will find a tool where you can compute what it will cost to clean, protect, and deoderize your carpets. The company has a minimum service charge of $150, so the job will cost at least that much plus tax.

Buying your own carpet cleaning machine will cost anywhere from around $200 to over a thousand, depending on the type of machine you want to buy, although you can get really cheap models for around $100. Basically you get what you pay for. With a cheaper model you take a chance of having a cleaner that doesn’t remove the dirt and water the way it should. Buying a high-quality machine may cost a bit more initially, but it will do a better job, and you can clean your carpets any time you want without having to pay anything more. It could well be that buying your own machine would be the best fit for your budget over time.

Renting a Rug Doctor or other type of machine is another option for those who want to clean their carpets themselves. If you go to the Rug Doctor website you’ll be able to compute how much it’s going to cost you to rent a machine. It estimates that a one-day rental will cost $25 with another $35 for the various cleaning products they suggest you use. Using this as a guide, you can clean up to 4 rooms in your house for about $60 which is substantially less expensive than either of the other two options. While this may seem less expensive, it will actually probably be more expensive over the years than buying your own cleaner.

If you contact a cleaning company or go out to buy or rent a carpet machine, be sure to ask for the price up front. If the prices that are quoted to you are a lot more than the ones in this article, beware, because they may be trying to charge you a carpet cleaning price that is more than you should be paying.…

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What Do You Know About Your Personal Finances? Learn About Financial Management Now

Today, there are many American consumers who are seeking debt relief help. They are doing this because they are in debt; they owe a lot of money to the credit card companies and other creditors. If you aren’t in debt right now, there are steps that you can take to ensure you don’t become a debt victim. What you need to do is familiarize yourself with the best forms of financial management.
First, it is important to know what you should be watching in terms of your finances. Why is it so important to know how much money you have, how much money is being spent, and how that money is being spent? It is this that can help you out of debt and prevent you from needing professional debt relief help.
As previously stated, you’ll want to know how much money you have, how much you are spending, and how you are spending it. This is an important part of managing your personal finances. Now, does require more work, but you want to focus month to month. Many of our bills are monthly (phone, internet, mortgage or rent, and so forth). It is a good idea to grab a pen and a piece of a paper and start writing down all the total bills you pay. Then, focus on the everyday purchases that might be little at the time, but ones that can easily add-up. These little purchases can include a pack of gum or a lottery ticket at the gas station.
Many of the American consumers who got into trouble with debt suffered because they weren’t prepared for an emergency. Many were already living paycheck-to-paycheck. Then, the worst happened and many lost their jobs or saw their pay or hours cut. This led to debt (often because credit cards were relied on heavily). If you want to avoid needing professional debt relief help, you want to create an emergency fund of money. If you don’t already have one or feel as if you don’t have enough extra money each month, it is time to start trimming your finances. Eliminate that weekly lottery ticket, make your coffee at home, and so forth.
In short, the tips above can help you stay out of debt. With that said, always remember that there is a lot of debt relief out there. The best action is to protect yourself, but know that professional help in the form of settlement and consolidation is there if you ever find yourself needing it.…

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Benefits of Accounting and Financial Management

If you are in business, you know that it is important to understand how your business is performing. In order to do that, you need some way to keep track of and interpret the numbers that go along with your business. This is where accounting and financial management come into play. Accounting tools can be used to measure and interpret the financial progress of your business. They can also help you communicate the status of your business to important third parties, such as banks and the government. Here are some of the benefits of accounting and financial management.
No more guessing. By maintaining an accounting system, you can improve your odds of making the right decision for your business. While the information alone is not the only factor to consider, it does provide one very important piece of the puzzle in your decision making process. Good accounting records show you where you stand financially, so you won’t have to guess at what your financial position is.
Make better decisions. Accounting plays an important role by giving us a means of communicating the financial part of a business to others. The most crucial function of any accounting system is to provide real data, by which managers and owners can base their decisions. Having numerical facts greatly helps in making profitable decisions for your business. And while the accounting information gathered does not guarantee a good decision, it does greatly improve your chances of making the best decision possible.
Solve problems. Accounting systems provide reports that help you analyze the profitability and performance of your business. Not only can an accounting system help you make decisions, but it can also help you find areas of your business that need to be improved. Once you are able to identify trouble areas, you can focus on improving them.
Track complex information. If your business requires any loans, the lending institution will likely require financial reports to understand the net income and net worth of your business. They may also want to evaluate your financial statements periodically to monitor your ability to repay the loan.Providing this kind of information is next to impossible without an accounting system that can provide financial statements.
Good accounting records show where your business stands financially. Use every advantage available to your business to improve and enhance its performance. Implement and maintain your accounting and financial management system, and your business will be on its way to financial success!…

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Anyone Can Have an Online Business

Anyone can have an online business. Even you. All you have to do is find or create something that people want to buy, and then sell it to them. Of course, there are a number of steps that you must complete in order to make that happen; but if you’re shown how to do it, then there’s no reason why you can’t. Here they are.
1. Find out what people are willing to buy.
This step is also known as finding your niche. A niche is nothing more than a specific product for a specific group of people.
2. Obtain or create what prospects want.
In this step, you must either make what people want or obtain it. In an information business, you could create your own digital products: eBooks, reports, or home study courses, for example.
If you’re shipping physical products, the you need to set up a means to have them delivered. Amazon, for example, ships books, media, clothing, and almost everything else almost everywhere.
3. Provide a way for people to buy the items they want.
Online this means using a shopping cart. There are dozens to choose from, and chances are that you’ve used more than one of them. Anytime you buy something from a website, you use a shopping cart to store your items while you shop, and then to pay for what you get.
4. Arrange delivery of the items.
In an information business, customers simply download their products.
If your business is in physical products, then there are several package delivery companies from which to choose. Once you get a feel for how much product you’ll be shipping every week or month, you can talk to them about their rates. Unless you plan on phoning them every time you get an order, however, they will need to be connected to your shopping cart in some way.
5. Provide customer service to handle defective products, delivery glitches, and refunds.
No matter how hard you try, there will be a few problems with your products.
In an information business, there may be instances where the product won’t download, links are broken, and the shopping cart misbehaves. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how frustrating it can be if there’s no one you can talk to from the company from whom you’re buying.
If your business is in physical products, then you may have to deal with products that don’t work or arrived damaged. You may get calls about late deliveries, and in some cases customers will want refund. You’ll need to know how you will deal with each of these in advance.
So, now that you know what to do, why not do it?…

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Finding Time For Your Network Marketing Business

Many newbies find it difficult to apply their time constructively and effectively when starting their first venture with Network Marketing Business. So much to learn and so much to apply that you don’t know where to start. Not only that, finding time is also a major issue.
Majority of you are opportunity seekers trying to find a way out of this economic downturn. Which means that you are either employed or a student and you have very little time to spare to concentrate and focus on your network marketing opportunity.
Don’t worry at all. If I tell you my story then you will certainly be surprised and think network marketing as an opportunity and you definitely want to succeed. There is always time and you just have to plan it and balance it with your life and work.
My venture online started about 18 months ago. And would you believe that I was not only on full time employment but also a part time student. I attended night class 3 times a week hence leaving me with 2 evening and the week-end to focus on my business. Yes I found it difficult until I followed a system and learned how to manage my time productively. Now it has become a habit.
Relax nobody is perfect but we can make that happen. Do you know that there is a saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”
Do you think you need to apply 5 to 6 hours or even more for your business? Absolutely not! Would you believe 2 hours per day could make you successful overtime ONLY if you apply a daily planned routine and follow a system consistently? Unless, you want to become a millionaire overnight, which I presume, you and I know can only happen if you win a lottery ticket and that chance may be once in a zillion.
So how do you do it? During this 2 hour period, you need to focus on the activities that are of top priority. Success lies in prioritising the task that adds value to your business. Things that will make you earn money. Do productive work to develop your Network Marketing Business.
1. Write articles and post them to your blog and article directories
2. Read blogs and post comments to get backlinks to your blog or Network Marketing Website
3. Interact with like minded people, invite them to your blog.
These are some examples which add value to your work, not to mention there are tons of other things you could do.
Make a daily routine of things you need to do and stick to it.
Your worst enemies: Reading Emails. Yes my friend that should be the last thing on your list. On the Contrary writing emails for your subscribers would definitely add value.
Instant Messenger Chats: Yep, very time consuming and not at all productive.
So the Conclusion is set up a Plan of a TO DO LIST for each day. It does not matter if it is 2 hours or 1 hour. JUST keep it consistent and do it. Overtime you will see results are tremendous and your business growing.…