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Brief History of the Old Shampooing of Carpets

Brief History of the Old Shampooing of Carpets

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Shampooing was one of the first systems introduced to the carpet cleaning world, and one that was extremely common until the seventies. Actually its not too much unlike buying a bottle a head and shoulders shampoo from your local Walmart department store. Anyone who has ever rented or bought a carpet cleaning machine for their home is probably familiar with this system. Just like the name suggests, shampooing applies and lathers carpet shampoo to your floor to clean the dirt and grime. Originally, these shampoos were made from coconut oil soaps. But, since there was not a rinse cycle that would remove the shampoo completely, this often left the lather on the carpet which then attracted the dirt and grime. Many people began to think that their carpets got dirtier faster after a cleaning with a shampoo.

The simple fact is the ancient formulas used in the shampooing process called for ingredients that left large amounts of residue and the residue (which was very stick) did attract dirt from the bottoms of peoples shoes or feet. Although small rugs were placed on both sides of the doors going in and out of homes this only corrected a small portion of the problem. In the end the sticky residue was winning the battle most of the time and carpets were having to be replaced much too quickly.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and sure enough The Carpet and Rug Cleaning Industry leaders soon fixed this problem, however, by changing the formula of the shampoo. The synthetic formula of the new shampoos allows it to dry to a powder with the dirt still attached. Then, the customer can just vacuum up this powder the day after cleaning, throwing away all the dirt and grime, as well as the powdered cleaning solution, into the garbage. This is a huge improvement to the earlier systems, allowing the shampooing system of carpet cleaning to continue to this day.

The good news for consumers is with companies like “Google” and “Yahoo” its pretty simple to do a search and find a local carpet cleaner that suits you specific need. So whether you want to incorporate the encapsulating method such as “shampooing” or go with a more modern mainstream approach like “steam cleaning” there is probably several companies within your local yellow pages that do one of these services or maybe even both.…

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5 Steps to Cleaning Pet Pee From Carpet

5 Steps to Cleaning Pet Pee From Carpet

Step 1. Absorb the bulk of the pee with sponges. This can be really crucial since leaving it there to dry up will encourage bacterial growth. If you don’t really do this step, the urine will dry so when the bacteria grows the smell worsens.

Step 2. Mix a solution of 1 / 2 white vinegar and fifty percent water. This is usually a crucial step that will need your full attention. Do it right this way: Pour a liberal amount onto the spot. Ensure the area is fully saturated. The reason why is to reach the carpet fibers deep-down. Put more solution than pee. You wish to cover any area the urine has touched.

Step 3. Work the perfected solution along with a scrubbing brush. The main reason why, is because you want to agitate the effected areas Another significant reason is to neutralize the ammonia in the dog urine.

Step 4. Blot or suck everything out. Just to clarify and explain, you can use the paper towel method from step 1 or use a wet/dry vac to suck out.

Step 5. When the area has dried or almost dried sprinkle a good handful of baking soda over the soiled area. Mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of detergent. Ordinary liquid dish washing detergent is quite suitable. Do not use caustic dishwasher detergent. Always test this on an inconspicuous area first to see if it has “bleaching” effect. Additionally, allow the area to dry completely and then vacuum thoroughly.

At the end, if you have stuck with the above mentioned tips all the way, you should have succeeded and after this can sit back and relish the benefits of this success. You may pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for having made it! You set out to “Climb this mountain”, and now you have done it! Revel a little bit in your accomplishment. Now enjoy yourself!…

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The Action Steps You Need to Follow When Building a Lasting Home Business Online

Most people who read this article will fall into two categories; the first are people who are tired of working for someone else and want to create a residual business from home. The second are people who are already trying their hand at networking and need help. Perhaps they have figured out that the business they are in is not going to produce the results they expected or worse is a pyramid scheme or scam. Which category best fits your situation?
In either case there are a few action steps that you can take today that will bring success to you for years to come. The action steps are not huge, but they do take effort and time to become fully realized. There is nothing in this life for free, so if you are looking for the silver bullet…sorry it does not exist.
Here are the actions steps:
1) Find a network marketing coach to assist you with reviewing the items below. One important success step is to ensure your coach has a complete and proven marketing and coaching system that can be used by you and your down line group. The coaching system must be free to use and contain content related to marketing, leadership, sponsoring and on going support.
2) With your coach, start reviewing the different companies, products, compensation plans and policies and procedures. Pay particular attention to anything that would give you concern if you want to build the business for years to come. If you need help with answering these items find help from people who understand these aspects of business, because you do not want to build a business and have it taken away from you without warning.
3) Learn to become a leader. Remember that people join people and not an opportunity. Leadership training is easy to find and your coach should be able to point you in the right direction. I suggest reading Think and grow Rich and The Slight Edge which will be very helpful in developing your leadership and your business mindset.
4) Build your prospect list using low cost ideas like social media marketing. This is most cost effective way to generate a list. Web 2.0 has really allowed the average person to market cost effectively online. If you approach social media as a longer term relationship building process it will work best. You will need a free e-book and additional free content to give away. This will help build the relationships with your prospects. Video marketing also helps provide value to your prospects.
Will you be able to use these 4 action steps and start making money online? Yes, these are the steps we all must take to be successful in creating a long term business online. It is not rocket science, but it takes daily work and attention.
Find a coach who can help guide you through the process but make sure that coach is genuinely helpful and interested in your success. Do not pick a recruiting coach that is only interested in you as a number and is not available to help you grow as a marketer and leader.…

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Make a Profit With Twitter

1.) Get a ton of followers. The fastest way to execute this is by following other persons because a good number of those people will routinely follow you back. Having thousands of followers is the focal source to making money because the more followers you come up with, the more persons you will have checking out a link when you publish something.
2.) To literally get plenty of money with Twitter, you should to do your best to present your followers in a single niche. What this means is that you should try to basically pick a specific area of concentration (weight loss, making money, sports cars, etc…). The logic that this is principal is because what you’ll plan to do is attain free affiliate programs that promote a specific type of product. If you have a big number of followers who are intrigued in earning money from home, then it’s simple to go a URL like ClickBank and obtain products to promote. You can apply the search function on Twitter to observe persons who are tweeting on specific things found off of keyword phrases. As soon as you attain the folks tweeting around a specific niche, you can tweet them a tweet and/or begin following that group. Having a gigantic group of Twitter followers who are niche specific is crucial to earning profit with Twitter.
3.) Another of my strategic Twitter cash strategies that supports me to profit with Twitter mechanically is to double-check that my Twitter profile is constructed fittingly. This involves having a clever avatar that has to do with the niche that I’m working on, making sure I combine my affiliate link to the merchandise I want to promote in my bio, and making it so that when an individual follows me, they routinely receive a tweet back that has my affiliate link. You can create Auto-DM (Direct Message) through SocialOomph to send out DMs to those individuals who start to follow you. Having your Twitter profile constructed appropriately is a large part of earning Twitter cash.
4.) When beginning to profit from Twitter, you ought to also take advantage of a lot of the software that people have formed to network with Twitter. One instance is to apply SocialOomph to create keyword alerts. Use a few keywords connecting to you or your business and allow auto replies blasted out to the individual that uses that precise keyword when they tweet. You create the replies in advance, and SocialOomph will send those out for you as soon as the time is right! This is an effective way to observe other like-minded persons to form affiliations with. You can additionally utilize twello to come upon who’s intrigued in your niche, tweetdeck to maintain everything orderly, and the “viral Twitter secret” to have other persons tweet your message for you.
5.) Finally, you ought to notate to keep a “human” perspective to what you’re tweeting if you would like to seriously make profit with Twitter. Really you’re only permitted to do something like 50 tweets a day, you ought to set a certain amount on the amount of auto-tweets you do. For instance: If you calculate that you presently do almost 20 manual tweets a day, then maintain your auto-tweets to something like 30. If you send out too many auto-tweets this may perhaps launch a red flag to Twitter, and get you “Twitter slapped”
If you notate these tricks of the trade, you ought to be earning profit with Twitter swiftly!…

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Starting A Business

Good Financial Management

Today’s worrying financial climate has made most of us more aware than ever of the need for good financial management in business. Businesses need to be competitive and fiscally strong in order to survive, and it is only through carefully considering several key areas of financial planning that any business can hope to achieve this. These critical areas of financial management may seem obvious when pointed out, but many business people still make silly mistakes in these areas or worse still overlook them entirely.
Cash flow Projections- Even the most inexperienced of business owners has probably understood the vital need for good cash flow long before starting their enterprise, but keeping cash flowing without the nightmare that a cash flow crisis can bring is nothing more than a matter of good planning. Every business should be making regular cash flow predictions that detail all cash expected in to the business from sales and other income and all anticipated outgoings of cash such as expenses and other payments. A�Regular cash flow forecasts of this kind allow a business to stay ahead of the game by giving it the opportunity to arrange finance in advance of any looming crisis.
Payment Management- For most businesses invoicing for payment is standard practice; for every customer sent an invoice, one will probably be received from elsewhere for supplies etc. To get the best from your cash flow it is wise to make good use of any terms offered, paying an invoice immediately might seem honourable, but it will mean that the cash used to pay it will be helping the supplier’s cash flow and not your own. When a supplier gives a business 30 days to pay, they are allowing 30 days to receive payment, so it is always good practice to use this time.
Debtor Management- Although when offering terms a business expects its customer to utilise the terms in full and will allow for this, there are always customers who push terms further than your business can stand. It is therefore crucial to have a workable system in place for dealing with bad payers well before the first bad debt occurs. It is important to know exactly what is owed to the business and when it is due at all times and so good record keeping in this area is essential; many accountancy software packages have debtors’ listings built in, but a simple spread sheet will suffice. Chasing the money due in to your business can be a valuable exercise, as it is often the case that debtors have simply forgotten to make payment or are merely pushing terms as far as they can, waiting to be chased before they pay. Many invoices will be settled once chased, so it is important to do this regularly, clearly and uniformly; using a standard letter, followed by a call if the letter remains unanswered is a useful system. When it comes to persistent bad payers, it is probably prudent to drop them as customers and to put the chasing of any accrued debt into the hands of professionals.
Monthly Records- Plenty of business owners prefer not to get involved in what they consider to be the remit of their Bookkeeper or accountant, and will shy away from regular bookkeeping. However this is an area of financial management that it really will benefit the business owner to hang on to. Keeping monthly records of transactions will allow a business owner to keep a firm control of the businesses finances; it gives a far better indication of business performance than most other indicators and will highlight profits and losses well in advance of the annual reports. As with other records kept, it is not necessary to have complex software packages to keep monthly books, a spreadsheet will work just as well.
There is no real alternative for enlisting the help of a good accountant to give your business the solid financial advice it needs, but decent financial management must also happen on a regular basis at the core of every business; there is no substitute for knowing what is going on with your business’ finances if you want to survive in today’s difficult climate.…

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Eliminate Credit Card Debt Through a Debt Pay Off Chart for Married Female Entrepreneurs

When couples work with me often one of the first things they want to tackle is getting rid of debt. As married women entrepreneurs we often have some form of debt from investing in our businesses. Usually we carry that debt in the form of credit card debt. I want to give you some tips that you want to keep in mind for creating a debt pay off plan.
I’ve noticed that debt is like dirty laundry that we move from room to room in our house – as we constantly shuffle our debt to the next lowest interest rate credit card. Or we carry our debt around with us for what seems like forever and that burden begins to weigh heavily on us.
Here are some essential components that you want to include when creating a debt payoff chart. For starters, you need a clear debt pay off plan. I call my debt pay off charts, “Eat That Elephant Debt Pay Off Success ChartA�.” There is that old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” The same applies for getting rid of debt. The way you get rid of debt is one bite at a time.
For starters you want to lump all of your debt into specific categories. If you have several different credit cards, you want to list each one under the category of Credit Card Debt. For example, if you have three different credit cards list each credit card under the category of Credit Card Debt and then total that up. If you have a couple of different personal loans, itemize each loan under the category of Personal Loans.
You don’t want to include your mortgage in your Debt Payoff Chart. Once you get rid of all your other debt then you can begin to tackle your mortgage. Once you’ve lumped all your debt into specific categories, total up all your different categories of debt and come up with your total debt balance and record this under the heading: Original Debt Balance and make sure you include the date.
The next thing that you’ll do is to identify the smallest debt balance. There are lots of ways of getting rid of debt but I prefer to approach paying off debt by selecting the smallest balance first, and making a monthly payment that is above your minimum balance on the smallest debt balance until that particular debt is completely paid off. I prefer this approach because it keeps you motivated. If you can pay off the smallest debt first you will be excited and you will be more likely to stay on track with getting rid of your remaining debt.
Just make sure you are making a payment that is above and beyond your minimum monthly payments for your lowest debt balance (on all other debt you’ll be making minimum payments ONLY). For example if your minimum monthly payment is $150 on your lowest debt balance you want to make sure you are paying more than the minimum each month. I always say, “Start small, grow tall.” If you can only add an additional $10 each month, then start with that and then gradually increase it.
Underneath the category of “Original Debt Balance” add another category called, “Current Month’s Debt Balance” And under that add a category called, “Improvement.” Each month add up your new debt balance (and record that under “Current Month’s Debt Balance” and subtract your new monthly debt balance from your original debt balance and record this total under “Improvement”. If you’re not charging any new debt, you will see an improvement each month.
It’s very important to know how much you’re improving each month so that you can feel excited, keep up your momentum and feel like you are actually getting somewhere.
These debt pay off tips are quite literally the tip of the iceberg. But these are very essential tips to keep in mind. If you follow these tips you’ll begin to wipe off your debt instead of having it be your dirty laundry that you either shuffle from room to room or carry in a bag slung over your back for years and years.…

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Why is Carpet Still the Flooring of Choice?

Why is Carpet Still the Flooring of Choice?

In this day and age, there are so many flooring options to choose from, but carpet remains the most popular flooring choice for home and business owners alike for a number of reasons. For one, carpet is much more comfortable than other hard varieties of flooring, and it offers that plush, warm feel to any area. In cooler areas of the country, carpet can also offer added warmth.

Hardwood floors and laminate flooring may be attractive in design, but it can be very cold on your feet on cold mornings. When having company, or in homes where there are more children, carpet can double as a comfortable seating area when couch space is limited.

For kid sleepovers and overnight company, a lack of sleeping accommodations can be remedied with a sleeping bag and a pillow when there is carpet available, but sleeping on tile or linoleum can be very uncomfortable.

There is an endless variety of color and texture options available when it comes to carpet. While neutral tones are still the most popular for many homeowners, there is a variety and color of carpet that will meet the need in just about any situation. While there are also many other options available when it comes to other types of flooring, there is nothing that compares to the comfort and feel of carpet.

The pricing of carpet varies a great deal from retailer to retailer, but there are still many opportunities for consumers to take advantage of special bargains and carpet liquidations. There are also many carpet wholesale companies that can provide larger quantities of carpet for businesses at a considerable discount. If you have a small area of your home to carpet or are looking for outdoor carpeting, consider buying carpet remnants at a discount from local retailers. This can provide you with additional savings and prevent you from having to purchase a larger quantity than what is needed.

Another big advantage of having carpet that is attractive to many home and business owners is the fact that carpet is very easy to maintain. Something as simple as removing your shoes before walking on the carpet can go a long way in terms of preserving the look and feel of the carpet in your home. Routine cleaning is as simple as running the vacuum cleaner, and gentle cleaning products are beneficial for cleaning accidents and spills.…