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Tips to Maintain an Air Compressor

Air compressors are vital components in factories and pressing plants when it comes to system operation and management. There is a wide range of tools and machinery in industries that reliably depend on the air compressors and it would be essential to ensure the compressors are well maintained. Failure of a compressor to function appropriately within a commercial set-up may result in huge losses as this may halt industrial operations.

Today, commercial air compressors are so prevalent in business, and as such, their maintenance has become an industry by itself. Studies have proven that outsourcing is one of the best ways of getting quality and cost-friendly services for business operations. For example, it would be apposite for a company to hire a security company to take care of its security needs rather than employing individual security guards. Outsourcing for a servicing company has proven to be a more viable way of making things done most efficiently and effectively.

 Also, many industries lack technicians that can extensively handle air compressor repair and maintenance. Therefore, these companies prefer hiring experts from outside to help. Routine air compressor check-ups are fundamental in cutting on the high cost spent on purchasing a new one. There are several simple DIY tips a company may consider to ensure air compressor maintenance. This article addresses some.

Following the User Manual

Most of the time, people purchase electronic devices and fail to recognize what the user-manual states. This behavior has resulted in poor usage of such devices and reduced lifetime. It is crucial to comprehensively read the newly purchased air compressor’s user manual to know the appropriate way of installation and handling. Often, a mechanical item would last for long when all the details concerning its operation get considered. Therefore, it is essential to visit the user manual when trying to locate or fix a problem in a given air compressor to avoid guess works.

Checking on the Nuts and Bolts

It is common for vibrating machines such as air compressors to wear and tear after a long time of constant use. One will find that after a while, the nuts and bolts in their compressors become loose. This, however, does not mean that the machine is becoming faulty but is a prompt to pull out screwdrivers and wrench. It is advisable to pay attention while tightening the nuts and bolts to not strip them off by over-tightening.

Inspecting the Intake Vents

Vents are a vital future in an air compressor. To experience the fullest potential of these machines, they need to ensure that the intake vents are kept clean from dust and air particles. An air compressor sucks air into the vents to aid in its operation, and as such, it is common to find such elements positioned within these vents. Accumulation of these substances into the intake valves may cause clogging, which may as well crash the machine. Constant cleaning of the intake vents is a suitable way to save on costly air compressor repair.

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Top DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

Top DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet is a common floor furnishing to many homes, offices, hotels, planes, auditorium, and many more places. Carpet is a popular choice to decorate the floor for some obvious reasons, such as:

The carpet makes a perfect floor decorating element. There are many varieties of carpet pattern and material available in the market that can bring out a different ambience to the room and accentuate the intended interior design.

Carpet helps to reduce noise. Especially in commercial premises,it helps to absorb reflecting noise emitted by footsteps from human traffic, ringing phones, printers, etc.

Carpet keeps the floor warm. This benefit is not practical in tropical country like Singapore as the climate is warm almost throughout the year. But if your premise is fully air conditioned, then it will be nice to walk on instead of walking on a cold, hard floor.

But with any textile furnishings, carpet need continuous maintenance in order to keep it in good condition and ensure indoor air quality is not compromised because carpet is known to trap immeasurable amount of dust and dirt particles, not to mention the micro organisms like dust mites, mold, bacteria, etc.

Ideally, carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, depend on the human traffic walking on the carpet, to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned and maintained. But, in between the in-depth professional carpet cleaning schedules, there are a few DIY carpet cleaning steps which you can practice to maintain the carpet’s condition:

Vacuum carpet at least once in 3 days, depending on the traffic condition. This is the most important step which you need to adhere diligently to upkeep the carpet condition. Huge amount of fine particles are brought into the carpet pile every day so regular vacuuming helps to minimize the amount of accumulated dirt particles instead of letting them to pile up within the carpet while waiting for the next in-depth carpet cleaning schedule. This negligence will become an indoor air hazard which will cause serious harm to health.

Always attend to any stain on the carpet immediately. Do not allow any stain remain on the carpet as the longer the stain stays on the carpet, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain.

Never rub when you attempt to remove stain on the carpet. Rubbing tends to spread the stain to a wider spot and you may also risk damaging the it. Always blot whenever attempting to remove stain on the carpet. Start from the outer edge of the stain and work on the stain using a clean white cloth towards the centre.

If stain can’t be removed by blotting with water, blot the stain with diluted vinegar. If you prefer to use some form of foam, mix a tablespoon of mild dishwashing detergent with 2 cups of water and agitate the detergent solution till foams are formed. Blot the stain using the foam. Do not wet the carpet with the foam solution or you may risk damaging the carpet if it is not dried sufficiently.

Always dry damp or wet carpet immediately by using hair dryer or by sprinkling some baking powder to absorb the moisture. Mold and mild dew tend to thrive within damp carpet. Moisture in the carpet also encourages the growth of bacteria and other micro organism.

If you are looking for carpet shampoo or stain removal product from DIY store, always try the new product on a hidden spot first. In fact, ideally, it is advisable to check for recommended carpet cleaning shampoo or stain removal by your carpet installer or carpet retailer to ensure that the product used is safe for your carpet. If you are not sure, then leave the job to professional carpet cleaners who are equipped with the necessary products and trained to handle difficult stains.…

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Protect Your Investment With Title Insurance

Protect Your Investment With Title Insurance

Real estate title insurance is an important safeguard when purchasing a property in the United States. That is why it is important to understand what it is and why you need it.

Title Insurance Protects Your Purchase

Simply put, title insurance protects your investment. It works just like any other type of coverage by protecting you from the unexpected. In this case, it protects against unexpected claims, or liens, that occurred before you took ownership.

Prior to closing on the purchase, a real estate title company will perform a search to make sure the property is free and clear of liens. This takes place after you’ve provided your escrow funds to the escrow holder. Escrow funds may be held by the agency, if they provide that service.

Whatever is found during the search is then summarized and included on the policy. Generally, if something is found, the seller is asked to rectify it before the purchase is allowed to go through, but things can be missed or never turn up during the search. That is where this insurance steps in to provide protection for you. If a claim dating from prior to your purchase arises, this coverage will protect you from loss damages as a result of that claim.

This is different from almost every other type of coverage. It protects you from unseen events that occurred prior to taking it out. A policy will end on the date that it is issued and extend backward in time indefinitely. You only pay for it once. Property or life coverage, in contrast, protects you from unknown future events and is paid for annually.

Lender’s Vs. Owner’s Policies

Title insurance is required of just about every purchaser. If you are taking out a mortgage, the lender will require you to purchase a Lender’s Policy. This policy covers the mortgage provider for the cost of the mortgage. Although the purchaser typically pays for the Lender’s Policy, it does not cover the purchaser. For that, the purchaser will need separate coverage, the Owner’s Policy.

These policies are indemnity policies that protect against loss. Therefore, the Lender’s Policy protects against the lender’s loss while an Owner’s Policy protects the owner against loss. The owner will want their coverage to be for the full value of the property, not just the mortgage amount.

This all begs the question, “If a search has been done and comes up clean, why do I need this coverage?” In addition to being required by the lender, title insurance means peace of mind and protection. Without it there’s a good chance any claims against the real estate will result in some kind of loss for the current owner. With it, the owner is protected against these claims. For anyone making an investment in real estate, it is a small price to pay for this peace of mind.…

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Rockstars, Ninjas, and Other Self-Hyping Pinheads You Should Avoid

Well, it’s official. Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media websites are now home to more successful online marketers than any where else in the universe. It is mind boggling the number of people who are not even close to having a few struggles with their online businesses! Every post or tweet that comes through my feed is nothing but info on how so-and-so just keeps on “rocking” their business. Or how they just found yet another “holy grail” of free website traffic that is absolutely “killing” the competition! Not only are they the best kept secret (ninja) in the marketing world, but they also feel the need to post this crap two, three, sometimes FOUR times a day! If they are ‘soooo killing it’ with their business and signing up all these new clients and customers, how is it they find all this time to endlessly post and tweet about how great they are? Let me tell you something; they’re not.
Look, I’ve been in this business for sometime now, and I know all about the “fake it till you make it” mindset. But this constant ‘look at me and how successful I am’ bullshit is reaching epic proportions. I know who some of the true top earners in this industry are and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I monitor their post and feeds from time to time. Partly to see if they are offering something of value ( they usually are) and to see how often they post ( not nearly the amount some of these other dickheads do). The question is ‘why’. Why are they not boasting and thumping their chests about how great and successful they are? You know why? Because they are too busy talking to clients an team members! Because they are too busy making money! Because they are actually focusing on their business and doing the two thing that makes an online business successful; placing ads and following up with leads! That’s it! Making sales and getting sign ups! This is what I’m usually doing so I have greatly reduced my posting to these sites.
Don’t get me wrong. Social media sites can be a great and effective marketing tool. It does take time to make some lasting relationships and to have a following that converts to sales. And really, the thing about online businesses is that the one thing they all have in common is sales. Do not kid yourself. If you have an online business your goal is sales. It’s how you make money. I do not care how many valuable posts you make, without honest to goodness advertising and lead generation strategies, you ain’t making squat! No ads, no sales, does not matter how successful you say you are, truth is you are not. And the people that are the target of these overly boastful posts, the kind of people you want, the person who is truly dedicated to having a successful online business, is going to see right through that garbage and look somewhere else.
So please, if you are looking to get involved in a home based online business, do not be pulled into the hype. Do your homework. Check out who is making these overblown tweets and posts. Do they have any online presence at all? Do they have a history of offering value? If it’s just a bunch garbage, your B.S. meter should go off and you should keep on looking. If you are one of these people making these outlandish posts, STOP IT! You look like a IDIOT!
Next weeks post: FB Spammers: Tasteless Hacks or Tasty Racks?…

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How To Use An Angry Asteroid In Your Small Business Marketing

How To Use An Angry Asteroid In Your Small Business Marketing

If you own and operate a small business, and would like a marketing campaign that is sure to grab attention and drive new customers through your doors, then give this article a read.

It’s different.

It’s outside the box.

But you’ll see how an angry asteroid named YU 55 can grow your business.

Small Business Marketing and Angry Asteroid:

She is 1300 feet wide.

She travels at 29,000 miles per hour.

And at 6:28 pm today she’ll come within inches (in space talk) of destroying life on Earth as we know it.

Say what?

Yeah. Have you heard? There is an asteroid named 2005 YU 55 and this gal is hell bent on taking a chunk out of mother Earth.

Holy shiz-moly.

This makes me scared… excited… and captivated all wrapped into one emotion. Like one minute life is humming along. And the next, there’s talk of YU 55 taking me out.


My point?

This is YOUR opportunity to promote your small business.

How so?

As I’ve said a ka-zillion times… you gotta jump on these “events” like white on a wall. They happen every month. And you can cleverly use them to promote your small business.


Put it in your client newsletter.

Hang a YU55 sign in your biz.

Send a press release letting your local media know about your YU 55 sales event.

Maybe something like:

You’ll Get 55% OFF Everything in The Store At 6:28 PM Thanks To Asteroid 2005 YU 55!

That’s not perfect.

And maybe you don’t want to discount your what-cha-ma-call-it by 55%.

I get that. But hopefully you don’t miss my point which is that this asteroid is a smart small business marketing strategy you can use to put some new faces in your store.

Want to know what else this does aside from ringing your register? It makes your business fun. It sets you apart from your competition. It gets people talking about you.

And that’s the perfect spot to be.

You want folks saying, “I wonder what in the heck she’s going to do next? I can’t wait to see what the special of the month will be?”


Because capturing your prospect’s attention is like trying to count sand on a beach. It’s darn difficult because everyone is infected with chronic ADD.

So here’s your opportunity.

And she’s served up as a giant asteroid named YU55.…

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How to Maintain Your Tiles

How to Maintain Your Tiles

Tiles are a widely used flooring and wall accessory that is seen in almost all houses. It is used for flooring of all kinds of rooms and for side walls of the bathroom because it is water proof. They are strong and sturdy and that makes them durable and long lasting. They are available in a huge variety of designs and colors and patterns that it gets really difficult to choose one out of the many beautiful available designs. It can always be shortlisted according to the color that complements the rest of the house. They come in the following forms – ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, unglazed tiles, polished cement tiles, glass type mosaic tiles, ceramic type mosaic tiles, terrazzo mosaic, designer cement concrete tiles, chequered tiles, silky matt ceramic tiles, Vitrosa cement tiles, wooden cement tiles and so on and so forth.

Tiles enhance the interiors of your house and there is no doubt about it. But to keep them that way one must pay attention to its regular maintenance in the form of routine cleaning. It is essential to sweep a tile floor on a daily basis. Dirt can easily adhere to the surface of the tiles especially if they are textured. This ensures that the dirt doesn’t get settled there and due to regular contact with the sweep fibers they do not cling on to the tiles for long. Use of a vacuum cleaner is also fruitful albeit you use appropriate attachments to the machine that would avoid scratching. It is advisable to use doormats and mats at other places of entry where one can brush off the dirt from the shoes before they step on to the floor.

Ceramic tiled floors should be mopped with a damp cloth regularly using the sponge or typical tile cleaners available in the market. Textured tiles may require slight scrubbing or the use of electric scrubbers or polisher. Use a mild detergent for scrubbing and after you are done rinse it thoroughly with water. This could be followed by wiping it with a dry cloth to make sure there is no soap film on the surface that might make it slippery and incompletely cleaned. Make sure the cleaning or scrubbing products you use are compatible with the type of tiles that comprise your flooring. Use of abrasives is to be avoided and they may include steel wool, scouring powders and other abrasive materials. Similarly, utilizing other tile damaging products like bleach or ammonia based cleaners are to be avoided.

Tile staining should be avoided by immediate cleaning post the spilling of liquids on the tiles. It helps the removal of stains easier as opposed to when removed after a certain period of time. Ceramic tiles are breakable and might get chipped off if one uses stilettos or spike shoes on the floor. So you must avoid any sharp pointy objects coming in direct contact with the floor. Make sure your table, fridge all the other furniture in and around the house that touches the tiled floor is separated from the tiles with a softer rubber like base to avoid scratches. Thus with these small steps you can ensure that your tiles look as good as new for longer durations.…