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Mothers do Extra Work Just for their Kids.

When one becomes a mother it means they have to get up and do whatever they can to ensure that the kids get shelter and food and they have something to celebrate at the end of the day. It’s for that reason that mothers won’t mind leaving their kids in the house for sometimes to sell tomatoes to the neighborhood some selling legging and lipstick just to make sure they feed their babies.

It’s not an easy thing to have the mindset to the kind of the business they do and at the same time take care of the babies, that’s why to some Facebook is a friend they can’t seem to get detached to it so that they are aware of the things they would require. Some will wake up early and go to their computers sit down and write until they are unable to stand up, but they have to be there until late in the night so that they can make enough for their kids and themselves too.

All this is their role, they will have to do that rain come sunshine the world can only appreciate and give love to them since it’s their role they need to face it with bravery. You do your work on Facebook with so much pressure to the clients they are making you live on your toes so that you can deliver your services to them but you still need to take care of the baby and ensure they are well and happy.

One of the thing that will pain a mother to the heart is the fact that they will be disconnected to their babies for work, some too young that all they can do is cry, but it has to be that way, it is part of a mother’s life, and they don’t do it because they don’t mean well for their children. A mom will face anew battles every day, feed those kids and make sure they are warm, pay the remaining school fees, and at the end of the day everything they earn can seem to be enough for that day, and they have tomorrow to face.

A decent job to her has no meaning at all since whether she is going to work or not she still needs to wake up early to clean the house, everything in the house is hers to wash, and she has to do it before the alarm to start heading back to work rings. Some will have to rush to the schools at the evening to pick their toddlers, they are not aware that at times a person can rest because for them life is comprised of task after a task and they have to accomplish it.

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